Finding Your Place

You have a gift. It has been given by God to you to bless both God and others lives, to find a sense of community and to increase our own capacity to love. Whether you want to serve inside TurningPoint, in our city, or around the world, we have exciting ways for you to get involved. 

Serving TurningPoint



We create safe and welcoming environments on Sunday, so our kids can have a lot of fun as they learn about Jesus and what He can do in their lives.

Serving Tulsa


James Mission exists to provide resources to the children in foster care and to families in need in the Tulsa area. While we support James Mission finanically every month, they also need all the hands on help they can get to serve our city.

Serving the World


RCC is a new church in Seattle, WA that we have helped to support both financially and in prayer since before they launched. Dave Elliff is the Lead Pastor and his passion is to see those who don't know Christ find Him!